Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive an email telling me about Project 21?

You’ve received this email because your 21st birthday is coming up! Research shows that 21st birthdays are high-risk events for college students, and that personalized feedback (which is what this website is for) can help students make healthier and safer decisions when it comes to alcohol consumption. This in turn can help them reduce their risk for hangovers, blackouts and other negative outcomes related to drinking. Even if you do not plan to drink on your 21st, you can still enjoy many of the fun features on this site, such as our Mocktail recipes and Birthday Ideas.

Will the information I enter into the Plan Your Night and BAC calculator features stay anonymous?

Yes. Currently, the Project 21 website is not designed to save any information that users enter into the website. You can be assured that your input will not be stored or shared in any way.

Who’s behind Project 21?

The Health Promotion and Preventive Services (HPPS) office at the UA’s Campus Health Service researched, designed and created Project 21. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or at 520-621-5700. Project 21 started as a student project in HPPS and was taken on as an MPH internship in 2011 by Melanie Fleck. Melanie researched evidence-based interventions and created the content for the site, with guidance from David Salafsky, Director of HPPS. Credit for the design and layout of Project 21 goes to Sarah Nagaratnam, a Master of Public Health student who served as a student intern during the creation of the website.

Why was Project 21 created?

21st birthdays can be fun and safe. Project 21 was created to help students avoid unwanted outcomes of drinking too much on their birthdays.

Where can I get more feedback on my alcohol use?

The BASICS program, from the Campus Health Service, is specifically designed for college students to prevent or reduce high-risk drinking and related negative consequences through personalized feedback. eCheckup To Go is an online resource that offers individualize feedback about your alcohol use, including drinking patterns and risk patterns. It also provides information about resources available at the University of Arizona.

I have more questions about alcohol. Where can I send them?

The Red Cup Q+A from the Campus Health Service is a weekly column in the Arizona Daily Wildcat that separates alcohol fact from fiction. Check out the archives for student questions that have been answered since 2010. You can also submit a question to

What other resources are there on the UA campus for alcohol use?

Check out The Buzz, a fun, game-oriented and interactive alcohol education presentation from the Health Promotion and Preventive Service office at the Campus Health Service.

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